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2024 Teacher vs Student 5K race was on May 18th

Cromwell Competes at the Shoreline Conference

This Thursday, October 19th, the Cromwell Cross Country team competed in the Shorelines Championship. For many of the runners, it will be their last meet of the season so each one kicked hard and worked their abilities. The course was at Hammonasset, in Madison, CT. The course went around Hammonasset Park and near the wonderful beaches of Hammonasset. The team has been working up to this meet all season, and each and every runner doing amazingly well.

The team started with the girls' varsity race, each girl putting forth their best effort and running hard. Taylor finished 18th, with a time of 21:15 and making all-conference. Next to finish was Jillian, finishing 45th. Close behind was Molly, finishing 56th, and Victoria, finishing 58th. Eva finished 61st. Each of the racers did amazing, clearly showing the effort they put in throughout the season to make growth and accomplishments.

Next to race was the boys’ varsity team. Each boy ran hard, taking over places and finishing strong. Our first finisher was Dylan, placing 6th with a time of 16:22. Next was Colin M. who placed 22nd, followed by Patrick and Bryce each finishing 25th and 26th. Following behind was Jason, finishing 33rd, and Evan who finished 25th. Soon after finished Isaiah, placing 44th. Each runner had a fantastic race, proving the talent and skills that they built up throughout the season.

To end off the races was the boys’ junior varsity. They each ran hard and strong to prove their capabilities as runners. Finishing 11th was Lucas, followed by Sharan in 13th and Aiden in 14th. Each one of these boys finished under 20 minutes, proving how far they had come from the beginning of the season. Following them was Dylan, placing 17th. Colin and Victor were close behind, placing 19th and 20th. Every one of the runners put in their best effort and race and they all proved it.

For many of the racers, this will be their last meet of the season. Despite this, they each have shown how much they have improved and grown throughout the season. The top 7 runners on the varsity team will be competing in the State meet on Saturday, the 28th.

~ Lucas

Cromwell Runs at First Shoreline Meet of the Season

This Wednesday, September 27th, the Cromwell Cross Country team raced at the first conference meet of the season! They used this opportunity to work hard and push through the course, striving to make constant improvements. The race was at Valley Regional MS in Deep River. The course had the runners race around the fields, travel through the woods, and charge up hills.

The first race of the day was the girl's race. In preparation for the race, the team made sure to stretch and get a long warmup run in, running all the way up to the start of the race. The girls pushed through the race, each finishing strong and competing well.

The second race of the day was the boy's race. The boys ran for 25 minutes before the race, then put up a strong competition throughout. Each of the boys worked hard to push to the end. They worked together, pushing each other further and further throughout the race.

In the end, the team finished strong. Unfortunately, the Harry Geraghty meet was cancelled for Friday, September 29th.


First Time at the Neubauer Invitational for Cromwell

On Thursday, Cromwell Cross Country raced at the Robert M. Neubauer Invitational in Wallingford, CT. This was a fantastic meet and all of the runners proved their capabilities! This course had challenging hills that the runners needed to push through and travel around the fields of Sheehan High School.

The team came first in the JV and Varsity boys races, fighting for those top spots to earn points. The Cromwell team had put in a lot of work before this meet, some making personal season records. Nassyr, Victor, Alex, Sharan, Isaiah, and Colin M. had improved from the previous race. Dylan, Colin E., Bryce, Dylan K., Jason, Patrick, Aiden, and Pradil have new PRs for the boys, and Jillian and Molly have PRs for the girls.

The first race was the girl's JV, with Molly coming in 4th place. She ran strong and smart, earning a top spot as well as the MVP for the team. The second race was girl’s Varsity. Taylor placed 16th and Jillian placed 18th.

The third race was the boy's Varsity. Dylan B. placed 2nd in the race, earning a new PR following was Patrick in 7th. Next for Cromwell was Bryce finishing 14th with Colin and Isaiah following in 17th and 18th. Isaiah earned the MVP spot, securing the win for the team and passing many runners throughout the race. 

The final race of the day was the boy’s JV. The boys pushed through and pushed each other to the end. The Cromwell team had many top 10 finishers, with Nassyr coming in 2nd, Lucas coming 4th, Aiden coming 5th, Alex coming in 6th, and Victor finishing in 7th.

In the end, the team had put together an incredible day. Pushing to the end and securing first in both the boy's JV and Varsity teams.


The Season Is Off and Running at the Stratton Brook Invitational

Cromwell Cross Country raced at the 2023 Stratton Brook Invitational in Simsbury, CT. This was statistically the slowest course of the season yet there were a vast amount of improvements when compared to the 2022 Stratton Brook meet. Each runner had to face and challenge the steep hills of the course, making the course much more difficult.

Despite the challenges the runners had faced, there were still incredible improvements. Victor had a 38-second improvement, Sharan had a 10-second improvement, Colin had an improvement of 2 minutes and 14 seconds, and Patrick had a 2-minute 21-second improvement. On top of this, Tristan had a 7 minute and 17 seconds improvement and Isaiah had a 2 minute 23 second improvement. Nate had a 4-minute 14-second improvement and was the only one who improved from last week, 32 seconds! Taylor, Dylan, Colin, Bryce, Sharan, Victor, and Colin were all under the change average for the meet. 

The first race for our team was the junior varsity race, finishing 3rd as a team. Despite the difficult course, each of the boys had a fantastic race. Jason finished 7th in the race, earning a spot on the varsity team. Nate finished 12th and Aiden finished 23rd, all the top 3 for the boys JV team. 

The second race for the team was the girl's JV race. There were a total of 3 runners representing the Cromwell Panthers in this race, each doing magnificently. Taylor finished 2nd in the race, leading the group. Jillian finished 9th and Victoria finished 20th. All the girls had a strong race through the course.

The varsity team also was phenomenal in their race, placing in 3rd as a team. They were ending the team's races off for the day strong despite the challenging course. Dylan had come 4th for the race and Colin, Patrick, and Bryce came 24th, 25th, and 26th. Each of the boys pushed themselves to their best ability and had an extremely strong race overall.


Teacher vs. Student 5K

May 18, 2024

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May, 20th 2023

We beat the rain and had a great morning of running! Check the results and pictures from the race below.

Photos by:  Sue McGough & Abby McGough

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